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Project Update April 4, 2014

SEC Updates - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 9:34am

Student Experience Center Progress Report:

  • No outstanding safety issues.
  • Coordination for Memorial Union electrical shutdown, Phase 2 of electrical integration will likely see that second shutdown date happening after graduation.
  • Walkway between Strand Ag and SEC is closed.
  • Completion of 2nd floor concert pour happened Wednesday
  • Site backfill in progress, will continue as area becomes available around site.
  • Chilled water-cooling is being piped from SEC to MU to provide air conditioning to the MU.
  • Lighting changes to improve energy efficiency are being coordinated with Anderson Construction.
  • Audio-Visual review by Kent Sumner and Rick Brand under discussion with Opsis.  Looking to fit into the design effort with omissions and projector changes.
  • New Student Media Integration drawing package available from media consultants.
  • Change submittals need to be 90% cleared out by end of week.  This includes case work, pre-cast stair treads, snow guards and fire caulking.
  • Fire detection drawings still an open RFI on door hardware.  Should turn around within 2 days so drawings can be issued.
  • LEED review has us edging over into Gold status, points-wise.
  • Recycling weights went from 25% to 37% of landfill totals.  Trending to go to higher percentage, which is another LEED point.
  • The “percent for art” project for the SEC, Afterglow, has been approved.  How we clean the artwork is now a focus.
  • SEC Furniture bid review will take place in Portland on April 11th.
  • ASI 19 – review of gas metering.  Confirming full list of metering needs for building.  5 year reporting numbers discussed, monthly reporting seems to be the level of need.
  • Temp chiller being sized for summer for use at MU east wing.  Planning to have it in place by mid-May.
  • December 15 is still the move-in date.  But the end-game coordination has yet to occur.  We can expect those efforts to start around the third week of March.  End game schedule looks like:
    • Building commissioning
    • Flush-out
    • Building equipment training
    • Move-in
    • If training doesn’t happen on time, ACCO will continue to own the equipment until training occurs.
  • Need to know who is and who is not moving into the SEC by June 30th for final signage submittal.
  • MU locksmith, Mitch, is working out base build plan for Key Shop to structure key hierarchy around with new key plan.  Mitch will build cylinders either at Key Shop or in our Shop.  Build process will springboard MU buildings into the new key plan.
  • Vending will relocate out of hallway to Basement alcove.  Cash lockers will be accommodated in present location.
  • ADA Path of Travel this summer (26th and Jefferson Way SW Commons entrance and Quad East ADA entrance)

Memorial Union East Wing Project Update:

  • Roof mechanical wells are framed and ready for equipment to be installed.
  • Ceiling drywall on Mezzanine level is anticipated to start April 8th.
  • North Porch Café drywall continuing.
  • Weekend of April 11th is tentative date for flooring in Bites/Many Hands hallway.
  • Multipurpose room wall framing in progress.
  • Lighting submittal items still being resolved to keep project end date.
  • Drywall of interior walls, ceiling framing in progress,
  • Basement level is dry walling second side of walls.
  • Received make up air and air handler units, ready for installation.
  • Walk-thru of current Cultural Kitchen to verify what is NOT coming to new MU east wing location was requested by Anderson Construction.
  • Fall restraint anchors on roof complete.
  • West Dock plantings that are not in place now will be designed and added in for summer.
  • Signage submittals received and approved.
  • Exterior handrail design submittals still outstanding.
  • Anderson Construction to submit an RFI for Electrical Room resolution of fire barrier questions.
  • Finish work and paint of walls for smoke doors in Mezzanine hallways on East and West sides of Rotunda.
  • ADA ramp outside MU Building Services office is complete.  Flooring will happen in summer.
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Opportunity to Discuss Social Media and Social Justice

OSU Memorial Union - Wed, 03/26/2014 - 7:42am

The Coalition for Community Dialogue is hosting a workshop next term that will focus on using Social Media for Social Justice. This is an especially poignant conversation given the recent #itooamOSU campaign. This workshop is open to students, faculty and staff. Please consider attending and forward to parties that may be interested. Register at http://goo.gl/EjyKFs.  You can follow Coalition for Community Dialogue on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/CoalitionforCommunityDialogueOSU  and on Twitter: @CCD_OSU.

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Moms Weekend Comedy Show-3 Comedians

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 03/17/2014 - 10:29am

Oregon State University’s Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) presents the Moms and Family Weekend Comedy Show on May 3, 2014.  This year there will be three comedians performing, John Heffron, Nate Bargatze and Dwight Slade.  Tickets are available now and can be purchased online (oregonstate.edu/mpuc/moms).  There will be two shows, one at 6:30 PM and the other at 9 PM.  The shows will take place at the LaSells Stewart Center on the OSU campus.

The Comedy show is one of the traditions of Moms and Family Weekend that takes place the first weekend of May every year on the OSU campus.  The show may contain mature content.  Accommodations for disabilities may be made by calling 541-737-1369.

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Oregon State University’s KBVR FM Wins National Award

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 03/10/2014 - 8:04am

KBVR FM recognized by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for Best College Radio Station at a university with over 10K students

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awarded KBVR FM as the winner for Best College Radio Station at a university with more than 10,000 students. The station was one of three college radio stations in the country, and the only West Coast station, to be nominated for this category.

The following KBVR programs and staff won:
•Best Play-By-Play Football Broadcast: Matt Walton and Josh Worden
•Most Innovative Radio Program: Joey Hulbert and Zhian Kamvar (Inspiration Dissemination)
•Best Production Director: Megan Cummings
•Best Promotions Director: Matt Walton

KBVR FM was also a finalist for Best Overall Station. The following KBVR staff were finalists:
•Best Community News Coverage: Jodie Davaz
•Best Program Director: Marissa Solini
•Best Engineer: Jack Kemp (professional staff)

IBS, an educational association comprising more than a thousand high school and college broadcast stations and webcasters, announced the winners at their 74th Annual IBS New York City Conference. All winners and finalists were presented with IBS Golden Microphone Trophies. The conference was attended by KBVR Station Manager Jodie Davaz, KBVR Promotions Director Matt Walton, and broadcasting advisor Bill Gross.

“I am honored and humbled by receiving these awards,” said Matt Walton, KBVR Promotions Director and winner of Best Promotions Director and co-winner of Best Play-By-Play Football, “Josh Worden is a rising star and I am so thankful to be able to work with him. The awards for best station are especially amazing, as they reflect the hard work that every KBVR DJ puts in every day.”

“I’m very proud and thankful for winning this award; it’s certainly something I’ll brag about on my resumé. It’s a fantastic highlight to my young broadcasting career,” said Josh Worden, co-winner of Best Play-By-Play Football Broadcast.

“It is exciting to be acknowledged for my efforts and the role they can play in the growth of KBVR as a station,” said Megan Cummings, KBVR Production Director and winner of Best Production Director. “Joey and I are honored to receive this award,” said Zhian Kamvar, ‘Inspiration Dissemination’ co-host and PhD student, “We want to thank all the guests we have featured for being as passionate as we are about science communication. They are the real inspiration.”

“We are honored and appreciate the recognition,” said Joey Hubert, ‘Inspiration Dissemination’ co-host and MS student, “Zhian and I are passionate about science communication and we are grateful that the awards panel values what we have created.”

“I’m honored to be counted in with this talented group of people and I look forward to KBVR FM’s continued success,” said Jodie Davaz, KBVR Station Manager and finalist for Best Community News Coverage.

KBVR broadcasts 24/7 on 88.7 FM from the campus of Oregon State University. The station is student- managed and is programmed by over 100 student volunteer Djs. Programming includes live music, local news, sports and talk radio shows.

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Announcing the Creation of a Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC)

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 03/03/2014 - 6:11pm

The Memorial Union Advisory Board has approved the Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC) to be located in the Memorial Union beginning Winter Term of 2015.  This Center will provide a communal space for graduate students, and be adjacent to facilities that will help to ensure academic and social success for this growing population. GSSC will allow for interdisciplinary conversations and research to flourish; professional development activities to take place; centralized resources to be housed; facilitation of peer-to-peer mentoring and academic support; and an overall sense of increased community-building and inclusive well-being.

The GSSC will help to support a more diverse and inclusive graduate student body. Graduate students working in the center will collaborate with the Graduate School staff and other campus entities to strive for full integration of international students, underrepresented minorities, and non-traditional grad students, many of whom often feel culturally and socially marginalized at OSU. In sum, the GSSC will provide a dedicated, communal space that will facilitate academic and social efforts for the graduate student community and their colleagues.

“While a variety of colleges and programs have small areas for graduate students to congregate, there has been no dedicated, collective space for graduate students to gather and collaborate across disciplines and colleges,” said Courtney Everson, graduate program analyst and graduate student liaison. “The GSSC is unique in its purpose and creation.”

The center will provide a communal space for graduate students, and be close to facilities that will help to ensure their academic and social success. It will offer a space for interdisciplinary conversations, house centralized resources and provide a sense of community that previously hasn’t been available to graduate students.

The creation of the center was student driven, and was taken up by the Graduate School last year. Everson said community-building has been emphasized by many graduate students as a way to increase their quality of life and a feeling of inclusivity.

Graduate students working in the center will collaborate with the Graduate School staff and other campus programs to help better integrate international students, underrepresented minorities, and non-traditional grad students, many of whom can feel culturally and socially marginalized.

“We hope for the GSSC to become a pivotal resource for this growing population,” Everson said, “and to become a supporting place for the activities of graduate faculty, staff and diverse campus entities to flourish, in common commitment to graduate student recruitment, retention and success.”

The Center will be located on the 2nd floor of the MU.  This new GSSC is aligned with the purpose of the Memorial Union, to provide a center for social, cultural, and recreational programs and services for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of Oregon State University.  The Memorial Union provides opportunities for experience in social responsibility and leadership and to supplement University instruction by developing high ideals of university spirit, citizenship, and private life.

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Glass Art by Alex Hirsch

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 02/03/2014 - 12:33pm

In the renovated east wing of the Memorial Union (formally the OSU Bookstore space) there will be a new art glass mural.  The work is by Portland glass artist Alex Hirsch and it will be located in the new event space in the east wing.  The new “mini ballroom” will be 3490 square feet, a little more then half the size of the current 1928 era ballroom in the Memorial Union.  Hirsch’s glasswork will add a translucent quality to the space and be visible from both inside the space and outside the space from the lobby.

Alex Hirsch has taken her inspiration from the Oregon State University’s status as one of only two universities to have Land Grant, Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant designations.  In creating the artwork, Hirsch design priorities were:

  • Highlight OSU’s status as a land, sun, space and sea grant institution.
  • Create accessible imagery that is open to the imagination.
  • Reference the scope of the natural world.
  • Create art glass that provides privacy and luminosity.
  • Design imagery that can be seen from either of two sides.
  • Optimize artistic experience within the allotted budget.

The artwork is scheduled to be installed in June of this year.

Glass Art installed into event space wall. Artwork depicting OSU’s Land Grant, Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant status. Alex Hirsch’s glass work at Good Sam Medial Center in Puyallup. Alex Hirsch’s glass work at OHSU in Portland Alex Hirsch working in her studio.









Alex Hirsch’s Resume

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Memorial Union East Wing Update

SEC Updates - Mon, 02/03/2014 - 8:58am

Here is a list of completion dates for projects in the Memorial Union East Wing (former home of the OSU Bookstore).

  • January 1: Loading Dock Modifications
  • February 10: Generator Pit
  • April 15: Mezzanine Fire Doors
  • May 8: Generator Set and Connected
  • May 22: Mechanical and Electrical Rooms
  • May 25: Cultural & Community Kitchen ready to install equipment
  • June 2: Memorial Union Maintenance offices and shop
  • June 2: Ground Level Multipurpose Room and Lobby
  • June 30: East Wing Event Space and Lobby
  • June 30: Masonry Repairs
  • June 30: North Porch Cafe
  • July 8: Cultural & Community Kitchen
  • July 10: Exterior Railing
  • August 11: Ground Level ramp to East Wing
  • August 11: Jefferson Street Entry Ceiling
  • August 20: Common Ramp
  • August 29: Ballroom Restrooms
  • August 29: Memorial Union Signage

Graphic Version

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Construction Update – Friday January 24, 2014

SEC Updates - Mon, 01/27/2014 - 4:07pm

Student Experience Center (SEC):

  • Crane departure:  first half of March
  • Coordinating steel deliveries w/MU deliveries, activities – schedule reviews underway
  • SEC wood matrix review next week
  • Art meeting Friday 11am – answers to concerns expected
  • BIM meetings underway – creating utility “highways” from basement to rest of floors
  • Electrician Don Davison to be part of upcoming photo-voltaic review
  • IT Coordinator Guy to be part of upcoming submittable review for door access control
  • Value engineering on benches ongoing in Plaza
  • Street project – City Council review ongoing – possibility exists improvements will be deferred until 2015
  • Team is starting to look for schedule of items MU will self-perform (moves, equipment disposition, etc.)  – Stephen
  • Owner furnished equipment verification – Stephen, Susan
  • Existing equipment verification – list sent to ACCO for review.  Site walk to be scheduled – Stephen
  • Craft center move plan and timing of closures – Stephen, Susan
  • Power shutdown to cut over campus buildings not expected to affect SEC job site – schedule, affected buildings – Don Davison
  • Media integration design package to be issued 100% in February
  • SOO and start up meetings in February – Jay, Bob, Don
  • Coordinate schedule with Graduation walk – Deb


Memorial Union East  (MUE) notes:

  • Tail end of demolition – respect danger tape lines
  • Open holes in multiple levels – some being saw cut now
  • Robyn coordinating North Porch Cafe grill/griddle/burner dimensions to stay within fan service specs
  • Best cores to be ordered soon for MUE
  • Lost one small custodial closet we thought we could sneak in front of a utility chase, but access requirements negated the effort
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MU East Wing Renovation-January 2014

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 01/20/2014 - 11:55am

Progress is moving forward on the renovation of the Memorial Union East Wing (former OSU Bookstore space).  The East Wing is scheduled to open in June of this year.  The space will include two event spaces, two lounges, Cultural Meals kitchen and a new campus restaurant: North Porch Café.  Here are some photographs of the space from last week.

Floor Cutout: This will provide more space for the restaurant and increase accessibility to the space. Floor Cutout from below, ground floor (old text book level). View of ground floor level (old OSU Bookstore text book level).

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Friday Construcition Update

SEC Updates - Mon, 01/20/2014 - 10:23am

Student Experience Center (SEC):

  • Day two after crane arrival and steel is standing!
  • Steel schedule shows 4th Floor going up before Spring Break (March 14th).
  • Concrete slab crew worked over 22 hours on New Year’s Eve to finish that slab.
  • Dry stack for review of brick and mortar is done.
  • Value Engineering (VE) efforts to save money in the Plaza bench are not bearing fruit – shortening the bench an option?
  • Craft Center list needs vetting as to who owns moving, hook-up.  Memorial Union will partner with Andersen to make that list.
  • Media integration design package 90% complete and will be coming end of January.
  • Meeting next week with the artist for building art.
  • SEC job site is fed off the new electrical service so any Memorial Union repair shutdown requests in the near future should not affect the job site.


Memorial Union East:

  • Roof level work begins this week.
  • Slab pours towards the end of January.
  • Soft demolition complete by end of the week
  • Electrical room conduit runs beginning this week.
  • Generator trenching began today.
  • Ballroom emergency access via NW door shut until trenching finishes on January 27th.
  • If you review prints, be aware that there are ASI’s (Architectural Supplemental Instructions) that may update those plans.  Current ASI’s include: (ADA guidelines, Site salvaged furniture, Closets in restrooms, Broadcast clarifications, Glass art wall at event space, Kitchen equipment in North Porch Café).
  • To reiterate, design modification time frame for our re-thinking of current design is closed.  Product submittable list is being reviewed, is very long, and will lock in the product variables to give the last layer of design detail to the architect to deliver to the contractor for installation according to schedule.
  • We should be able to review the phased plan for Shop, Office, Ramp, Hallway, Mechanical Room and Restrooms when the last of the submittable are reviewed.  I will ask for a meeting towards the end of January.
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Solar Power

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 01/13/2014 - 3:01pm

Have you ever wondered how much solar power Oregon State University is generating?  Now you can tell at a glance with a new display that was installed in the OSU Memorial Union.  Located in the west wing Commons, the touch screen display will tell you how much OSU’s campus solar network is producing.  To read about the “solar farm” on the OSU campus, check out this link to News & Research Communications story “OSU Planting Seeds for Solar Farm”.  The system used on the OSU campus was designed, installed and maintained by SolarCity.

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Memorial Union East Wing

OSU Memorial Union - Mon, 01/06/2014 - 9:08am

We get asked a lot: “What is going into the old Beaver Bookstore space?”

Here are some images to give you an idea what it will look like.  The Mezzanine (old bookstore merchandise level) will be home to the new North Porch Cafe, a fast Asian food concept, an event space about half the size of the current ballroom and a new lounge.  The ground level (old bookstore book level) will include a multipurpose room with flooring designed for dance and other aerobic activities and the cultural meals kitchen (to replace the old one in Snell Hall).  The planned opening is this May, 2014.

Mezzanine Level Floor Plan North Porch Cafe


Lounge on south end Event Space Ground Level floor plan
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Pick Your Coffee

OSU Memorial Union - Thu, 12/26/2013 - 11:09am

Memorial Union Retail Foods Service (MURFS for short) operates 8 campus locations, each with it’s own character, and some their own coffee.  MURFS serves coffee from 4 different roasters, all of them Oregon companies.  All profits, including coffee sales, from MURFS locations goes to support student programs.  Here are the roasters in alphabetical order.




Allann Bros Coffee

At Allann Bros Coffee Co., we import our coffees exclusively from the most fertile and renowned coffee-growing regions on earth. Our estate-grown varietals are hand-selected by our Roast Master for their taste, balance and uniformity.

To look at Allann Bros Coffee today, one would not suspect the company’s rather modest beginnings. Allan Stuart founded Allann Bros Coffee in 1972 with curiosity and then built the company with quality, and to this day Allann Bros Coffee uses these two ingredients to remain successful. It also required a lot of research, experimentation, and hard work.



Pacifica Coffee Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Pacifica Coffee Ltd is a Corvallis business focused on fair trade and organic coffees.  By choosing fair trade coffee you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental stewardship. Pacifica has been interested in helping farmers through their company and try to have coffees that are socially conscious. They deliver their coffee locally from a delivery bicycle and use bicycles as much as we can. Our staff gets a daily bonus any day they ride a bicycle to work.




Portland Roasting Company

Our way of doing business is built on integrity and trust. We are guided by a set of values that affects every decision we make with regard to our customers, farmers, products and employees. We are fortunate to have attracted a diverse group of people who love coffee and are motivated to reach beyond the borders of their community.

In 2008 we became Carbon Neutral by planting 16,900 shade trees in coffee growing areas. Our goal is to stay that way! We continually track our efforts through The Specialty Coffee Association’s START program and publish a yearly Sustainability Report so that you can learn about our efforts.

We feature a series of initiatives to cut down on our outgoing waste: composting organic waste to the tune of 1000/lbs per month, chaff waste from roasting donated to organic farmers, and burlap bags donated for farming, crafts and beekeeping. In addition, we use compostable bags for wholesale and grocery accounts. We feature recycled paper throughout our offices – 80% for office use and 100% post consumer recycled shipping packaging.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown was started with the goal of doing things differently, with a vision that’s always been a little left-of-center, and with the focus squarely on quality. We source the best coffees in the world and strive to maintain transparent, quality-based relationships with our farmers along the way. From plant to portafilter, we pay homage to these folks through our own fervent attention to detail at every step, quality control in our cupping labs, meticulous roasting profiles and extensive barista education.

We are committed to the well-being of everyone we work with, from the farmers and the communities they live in, to our employees and communities here in the States. We value our relationships with our customers, growers, and each other. With our roastery facilities in four cities, several cafes, and fantastic wholesale partnerships around the country, we think there’s a lot to be proud of here.

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Big Crane come to Student Experience Center

OSU Memorial Union - Tue, 12/10/2013 - 5:43pm

On the 27th of December the crane for the Student Experience Center (SEC) will arrive.  Jefferson street will be closed so that the parts for the crane can be laid out and assembled.  It should be erected the same day or on the 28th.  Once in place it will start moving the steel for the building into place.  Keep track of the progress from the SEC webcam.

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Memorial Union Snow Day

OSU Memorial Union - Fri, 12/06/2013 - 9:27am


Memorial Union “Snow Plow” in action

Snow day at the Oregon State University Memorial Union means everyone from Building Services department has a shovel in hand.  Starting before 6 am this morning (December 6, 2013) the crew was assessing the snow condition, monitoring campus plans and laying out a plan of action.  The goal is to provide safety for all the visitors to the Memorial Union today.  Pictured here are Carpenter and Painter Gary Beedle de-icing the steps, Electrician Don Davison sweeping walk ways and Project Coordinator Stephen Gay behind his “snow plow”.



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Welcome Back and/or To OSU!

MU President's Journal - Tue, 10/09/2012 - 10:38am

For those Parents and Family members that didn’t see this on the Parents and Family Association Newsletter, I want to welcome you and your student to the Beaver Family! 


The term is under way and the OSU campus is full of life again! My name is Michael Fashana and as your students Memorial Union President I want to take this time to welcome everyone to another beautiful Fall term at Oregon State University. It is an exciting time when students are returning or joining us for the first time as Beavers. Whether in or outside the classroom, OSU has the programs and resources to support your students in all facets of their student and personal lives. Encourage your students to not be afraid to ask for assistance or seek out new opportunities during this stimulating transition period. The assistance they receive and the opportunities they dare to take will prove to be beneficial well beyond you and your families expectations. Be sure to advise your students to use such resources as   — http://oregonstate.edu/counsel/— or Dixon Recreational Center to meet all your needs. The opportunities that will present themselves can range from serving the community with The Center for Civic Engagement, to getting involved with student government on campus though the Associated Students of OSU. Whatever it may be, I encourage you to support your students to push the boundaries of their comfort zone to try and better themselves.

As our returning and new students strive for excellence, I urge the Parents, families and support systems of these students to do what you can to encourage and support your student in their college career. You will soon learn that time flies and no period in your life will be as filled with such amazing people and opportunities as this time in your life. I hope all staff, faculty, and students are transitioning into the Fall 2012 Academic term well and would like to extend to you the offer to stop my office in the Memorial Union, room 103, to ask for help in finding any of these resources or opportunities.

Thank you and don’t forget to use these things to continue on your quest to #BeBeaverBold

Michael Ryan Fashana

Memorial Union President

Debate Viewing Parties in the Memorial Union Commons

MU President's Journal - Wed, 10/03/2012 - 4:59pm

ASOSU, the Center for Civic Engagement, and the Memorial Union Organization invite you to watch the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates in the MU Commons October 3rd, 16th, 22nd and the Vice Presidential Debate on October 11th (All from 6-7:30pm). Enjoy the debates on the projector and three large flat screens in the company of politically interested Beavers!

Today in the MU Commons! If you can’t make it, check the schedule and stay tuned for more info.

Help Shape the Future of OSU

MU President's Journal - Fri, 09/28/2012 - 4:01pm

Help shape the future of our Memorial Union by serving on the Advisory Board!

The MU Advisory Board is currently seeking applicants to represent the three branches of the Memorial Union Organization: Student Leadership and Involvement, Student Media, and the Memorial Union Facilities and Services. As a member of the board, you will:

  • Help to approve the operating budget of the MU Organization
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility within the organization
  • Establish and maintain dialogue with campus organizations and the OSU community
  • Review and approve policies of the organization as well as grant exceptions to the policies, as needed
  • Help to formulate the long-range vision of the organization!
  • Provide input and direction for the Student Experience Center and MU East construction projects (Construction Sub-Committee opportunity BELOW)

*Board meetings are 1-2 hours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Apply at: http: //mu.oregonstate.edu/boardapplication

Contact me with any questions. Go Beavs!


Michael Ryan Fashana

Memorial Union President | Oregon State University

103 Memorial Union | Office: 541.737.1564 | Personal: 503.957.4347

MUPresident@oregonstate.edu | mu.oregonstate.edu | blogs.oregonstate.edu/mupresident

Everyone Is Going GREEK

MU President's Journal - Fri, 09/21/2012 - 4:45pm

It seems these days everyone is going Greek! As the 2012-2013 Academic years starts, so does Greek Life begin its Rush events and activities. In addition to Greek life Recruitment, the Memorial Union’s own Pangea Cafe is going Greek for a week! Pangea Café will be honoring the Greek culture with food from the region!

Week 1 (Sept. 24-28th) Pangea Cafe in the Memorial Union,

Pangea will be featuring Greek food items and entrees on their menu next week! On the east side of the Mezzanine in the Memorial Union they will have:
-Greek Salads
-& Much MUCH More!


Weeks 1-2 (Sept. 24 -Oct. 2nd) Greek Life Rush/Recruitment,

The Center for Fraternity and Sorority life will be pushing forward with their G campaign to promote the various types of Fraternities and Sororities here at Oregon State University. Several different branches encompass the whole of the Greek Community:
-Interfraternity Council
-National Pan-Hellenic Council (Divine Nine)
-Panhellenic Council
-Unified Greek Council
-Greek-lettered Organizations without Council Membership


Check-out both to be intentional about filling your stomach and your free time

Get “Naked” in the Quad

MU President's Journal - Mon, 09/17/2012 - 5:30pm

Come out for “Get Naked in the Quad” in an attempt to set a Beaver Record for number of individuals drinking orange juice at one time! At 9am in the Memorial Union Quad, Naked Orange juice will be provided by Pepsi to POWER us to our goal. Join us to define how to #BeBeaverBold and Be Counted as a member of The Beaver Zone!!

Come check out The Beaver Advantage: Be Orange Beyond the Classroom to participate in a fun interactive morning to learn about student life outside of the classroom.
From 9:30am- 12 noon the Memorial Union  will be home to more than (20) twenty (30) thirty minute sessions providing students opportunity to participate in interactive conference style presentations that will help define the pathway to involvement outside of the classroom.  This time frame will also include a campus wide bike tour and a showcase of OSU After Dark, MU Retail Foods, and the Basement in the MU Ballroom- games, music, free food for everyone! At 11:00 the OSU Cultural and Resource Centers will be in the MU Quad to provide a connection to all of the great programs, resources and community that happen at the centers.

The mornings EVENTS:
-Beaver Record Attempt
Most PPl Drinking Orange Juice at one time
-Zumba Dance
Be Active
-20+ Interactive Session for Involvement
Learn how to get involved and network @ OSU
-After Dark in the Light
Music, Games & Free Food

Help us set a Beaver Record!!!


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