The Memorial Union organization is about building community. We believe that community contributes fundamentally to the quality of life of individuals and campus society. The Memorial Union is an integration of Facilities and Services: MU Administration, MU Building Services and Technology, MU Guest Services, MU Retail Food Services, The Basement, MU Art Gallery, MU Graphic Design and Marketing, and MU Service/Facilities Assessment & Research. 

The purpose of the Memorial Union is to provide a center for social, cultural and recreational programs and services to students, staff, faculty and guests of Oregon State University; to provide opportunities for experience in social responsibility and leadership; to supplement University instruction by developing high ideals of university sprit, citizenship and private life.


MU President

Angel Mandujano-Guevara 

See Angel's applicant resume and presentation.

The primary role of the Memorial Union President is to serve the student body by ensuring student focus in the programs, policies and operation of the Memorial Union organization. This will be fulfilled by serving on various university committees, the MU Leadership Team, acting as Chairperson of the MU Advisory Board, and working directly with the students of all of the MU Organizations departments.


MU Advisory Board

Apply: Memorial Union Board Positions Open for 2017-18 Academic Year

Have a voice in the operations and polices of the Memorial Union by serving on the advisory board, which has guided the Memorial Union since 1925.  Applications online.


Mission Statement

The Memorial Union Organization Board is responsible for challenging that supporting the MU Organization (Memorial Union Building Services, Guest Services and Retail Foods) by formulating long-range vision, establishing and maintaining dialogue with campus organizations and community, ensuring fiscal responsibility, anticipating future needs, and identifying strategies to realize these plans. -- Adopted by the MU Board, April 2011 


2015-16 Memorial Union Organization Board Roster
Board Chairperson:

Angel Mandujano-Guevara, MU President, term 2015-17, phone: x7-1564, email:

ASOSU Member (voting)

Simon Brundage, ASOSU President, term 2016-17, phone: x7-6344, email: 

Staff Representatives  (non-voting/2-year terms)

Mitch Nowak, Staff Representative 

Kent Sumner, Staff Representative

Members-At-Large (voting)

Galen Chan, Member at Large 

Saul Boulanger, Member at Large

Alexis Thompson, Member at Large

Curtis Orona, Member at Large

Joshua Kaufmann, Member at Large

Unit Representatives (voting)

Dakota Snow, Student Employee Representative

Alexys Gibson, Student Employee Representative

Bryan Boswell, Student Employee Representative

Jake Barone, Student Employee Representative

Justin Mohle, Student Employee Representative

TBD, Student Employee Representative

Ex-officio Advisors (non-voting)

Debb Mott, MU Director of Operations

Sid Cooper, MU Director of Facilities

Robyn Jones, MU Director of Food Service & Marketing