Tips for writing a PSA that will have the best chance to be read on air:

Keep it short! The entire announcement should be four to six sentences long, about 60-100 words total.

Provide Pronunciation (pro-NUN-see-A-shun): Provide pronunciation of difficult words and names.

State Facts ONLY: PSAs can only contain value-neutral wording. Words such as "best," "interesting", "fun," "entertaining," and "high quality" are all opinion, not statements of fact.

Don't include "Calls to Action": As a non-commercial radio station, KBVR cannot directly command or urge listeners to carry out an action. Instead of "come on down," "stop by," or "check out," try "you are invited to..." or other neutral wording.

Physical address of event.
If you have a tagline or catchy opener for the event add it here.
one sentence to describe history of organizations or "local interest" of organization/event

For more information, contact: This will be announced at the end of the PSA.

Name of person the public can contact for more information
Contact information in case the radio station staff needs to contact you about the announcement. (If different than above contact information)
(not for announcement)