Mission Statement Student Media educates and prepares students to inform, record, inspire, and engage the community.

The Department There has been a Student Media presence on the OSU campus for more than 100 years. The five student media: The Daily Barometer (7,000 circulation weekday newspaper, free), Beaver's Digest magazine (formerly The Beaverr Yearbook), Prism Magazine (literary and arts magazine published three times annually, free), KBVR FM, 88.7 (FCC licensed, 350 watt non-commercial radio station), and KBVR TV (educational access channel 26, serving Corvallis-Philomath). The push is on for convergence and a strong combined web presence.

The faculty and staff of the department advise, teach and provide administrative and technical support for the seven student editors and managers who lead the five media. The student managers hire and direct the staffs that produce the content for all the media and manage a crew of 300-400 volunteer and paid student staff.

Students practice skills in writing, reporting, editing, photography, promotion, media law, graphic design, video and audio production, as well as time management, budget preparation, personnel leadership, accountability, ethics, diversity and dealing with controversy. The media outlets are considered a co-curricular support to courses in a number of majors across the University, including but not limited to Art, New Media Communications, English, Business, Computer Science, Music, Political Science, Speech Communication and Liberal Studies.