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Student Experience Center & Memorial Union updates
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Project Update April 4, 2014

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 9:34am

Student Experience Center Progress Report:

  • No outstanding safety issues.
  • Coordination for Memorial Union electrical shutdown, Phase 2 of electrical integration will likely see that second shutdown date happening after graduation.
  • Walkway between Strand Ag and SEC is closed.
  • Completion of 2nd floor concert pour happened Wednesday
  • Site backfill in progress, will continue as area becomes available around site.
  • Chilled water-cooling is being piped from SEC to MU to provide air conditioning to the MU.
  • Lighting changes to improve energy efficiency are being coordinated with Anderson Construction.
  • Audio-Visual review by Kent Sumner and Rick Brand under discussion with Opsis.  Looking to fit into the design effort with omissions and projector changes.
  • New Student Media Integration drawing package available from media consultants.
  • Change submittals need to be 90% cleared out by end of week.  This includes case work, pre-cast stair treads, snow guards and fire caulking.
  • Fire detection drawings still an open RFI on door hardware.  Should turn around within 2 days so drawings can be issued.
  • LEED review has us edging over into Gold status, points-wise.
  • Recycling weights went from 25% to 37% of landfill totals.  Trending to go to higher percentage, which is another LEED point.
  • The “percent for art” project for the SEC, Afterglow, has been approved.  How we clean the artwork is now a focus.
  • SEC Furniture bid review will take place in Portland on April 11th.
  • ASI 19 – review of gas metering.  Confirming full list of metering needs for building.  5 year reporting numbers discussed, monthly reporting seems to be the level of need.
  • Temp chiller being sized for summer for use at MU east wing.  Planning to have it in place by mid-May.
  • December 15 is still the move-in date.  But the end-game coordination has yet to occur.  We can expect those efforts to start around the third week of March.  End game schedule looks like:
    • Building commissioning
    • Flush-out
    • Building equipment training
    • Move-in
    • If training doesn’t happen on time, ACCO will continue to own the equipment until training occurs.
  • Need to know who is and who is not moving into the SEC by June 30th for final signage submittal.
  • MU locksmith, Mitch, is working out base build plan for Key Shop to structure key hierarchy around with new key plan.  Mitch will build cylinders either at Key Shop or in our Shop.  Build process will springboard MU buildings into the new key plan.
  • Vending will relocate out of hallway to Basement alcove.  Cash lockers will be accommodated in present location.
  • ADA Path of Travel this summer (26th and Jefferson Way SW Commons entrance and Quad East ADA entrance)

Memorial Union East Wing Project Update:

  • Roof mechanical wells are framed and ready for equipment to be installed.
  • Ceiling drywall on Mezzanine level is anticipated to start April 8th.
  • North Porch Café drywall continuing.
  • Weekend of April 11th is tentative date for flooring in Bites/Many Hands hallway.
  • Multipurpose room wall framing in progress.
  • Lighting submittal items still being resolved to keep project end date.
  • Drywall of interior walls, ceiling framing in progress,
  • Basement level is dry walling second side of walls.
  • Received make up air and air handler units, ready for installation.
  • Walk-thru of current Cultural Kitchen to verify what is NOT coming to new MU east wing location was requested by Anderson Construction.
  • Fall restraint anchors on roof complete.
  • West Dock plantings that are not in place now will be designed and added in for summer.
  • Signage submittals received and approved.
  • Exterior handrail design submittals still outstanding.
  • Anderson Construction to submit an RFI for Electrical Room resolution of fire barrier questions.
  • Finish work and paint of walls for smoke doors in Mezzanine hallways on East and West sides of Rotunda.
  • ADA ramp outside MU Building Services office is complete.  Flooring will happen in summer.
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Memorial Union East Wing Update

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 8:58am

Here is a list of completion dates for projects in the Memorial Union East Wing (former home of the OSU Bookstore).

  • January 1: Loading Dock Modifications
  • February 10: Generator Pit
  • April 15: Mezzanine Fire Doors
  • May 8: Generator Set and Connected
  • May 22: Mechanical and Electrical Rooms
  • May 25: Cultural & Community Kitchen ready to install equipment
  • June 2: Memorial Union Maintenance offices and shop
  • June 2: Ground Level Multipurpose Room and Lobby
  • June 30: East Wing Event Space and Lobby
  • June 30: Masonry Repairs
  • June 30: North Porch Cafe
  • July 8: Cultural & Community Kitchen
  • July 10: Exterior Railing
  • August 11: Ground Level ramp to East Wing
  • August 11: Jefferson Street Entry Ceiling
  • August 20: Common Ramp
  • August 29: Ballroom Restrooms
  • August 29: Memorial Union Signage

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Construction Update – Friday January 24, 2014

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 4:07pm

Student Experience Center (SEC):

  • Crane departure:  first half of March
  • Coordinating steel deliveries w/MU deliveries, activities – schedule reviews underway
  • SEC wood matrix review next week
  • Art meeting Friday 11am – answers to concerns expected
  • BIM meetings underway – creating utility “highways” from basement to rest of floors
  • Electrician Don Davison to be part of upcoming photo-voltaic review
  • IT Coordinator Guy to be part of upcoming submittable review for door access control
  • Value engineering on benches ongoing in Plaza
  • Street project – City Council review ongoing – possibility exists improvements will be deferred until 2015
  • Team is starting to look for schedule of items MU will self-perform (moves, equipment disposition, etc.)  – Stephen
  • Owner furnished equipment verification – Stephen, Susan
  • Existing equipment verification – list sent to ACCO for review.  Site walk to be scheduled – Stephen
  • Craft center move plan and timing of closures – Stephen, Susan
  • Power shutdown to cut over campus buildings not expected to affect SEC job site – schedule, affected buildings – Don Davison
  • Media integration design package to be issued 100% in February
  • SOO and start up meetings in February – Jay, Bob, Don
  • Coordinate schedule with Graduation walk – Deb


Memorial Union East  (MUE) notes:

  • Tail end of demolition – respect danger tape lines
  • Open holes in multiple levels – some being saw cut now
  • Robyn coordinating North Porch Cafe grill/griddle/burner dimensions to stay within fan service specs
  • Best cores to be ordered soon for MUE
  • Lost one small custodial closet we thought we could sneak in front of a utility chase, but access requirements negated the effort
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Friday Construcition Update

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 10:23am

Student Experience Center (SEC):

  • Day two after crane arrival and steel is standing!
  • Steel schedule shows 4th Floor going up before Spring Break (March 14th).
  • Concrete slab crew worked over 22 hours on New Year’s Eve to finish that slab.
  • Dry stack for review of brick and mortar is done.
  • Value Engineering (VE) efforts to save money in the Plaza bench are not bearing fruit – shortening the bench an option?
  • Craft Center list needs vetting as to who owns moving, hook-up.  Memorial Union will partner with Andersen to make that list.
  • Media integration design package 90% complete and will be coming end of January.
  • Meeting next week with the artist for building art.
  • SEC job site is fed off the new electrical service so any Memorial Union repair shutdown requests in the near future should not affect the job site.


Memorial Union East:

  • Roof level work begins this week.
  • Slab pours towards the end of January.
  • Soft demolition complete by end of the week
  • Electrical room conduit runs beginning this week.
  • Generator trenching began today.
  • Ballroom emergency access via NW door shut until trenching finishes on January 27th.
  • If you review prints, be aware that there are ASI’s (Architectural Supplemental Instructions) that may update those plans.  Current ASI’s include: (ADA guidelines, Site salvaged furniture, Closets in restrooms, Broadcast clarifications, Glass art wall at event space, Kitchen equipment in North Porch Café).
  • To reiterate, design modification time frame for our re-thinking of current design is closed.  Product submittable list is being reviewed, is very long, and will lock in the product variables to give the last layer of design detail to the architect to deliver to the contractor for installation according to schedule.
  • We should be able to review the phased plan for Shop, Office, Ramp, Hallway, Mechanical Room and Restrooms when the last of the submittable are reviewed.  I will ask for a meeting towards the end of January.
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