• For Spring Term 2020, MU hours will be Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. Closed on weekends.
  • The MU will be open to students, faculty and staff for the express intent of accessing remote learning and wireless network to log into classes.
  • There is a BeaverPrint Self Service Printing Station available for students and faculty on the first floor near MU 109.
  • Open services include JavaStop (8:30am-3pm) and ID Center (9am-12:30pm).
  • Please check the Food at OSU page for updated restaurant hours.
  • If you have questions or want to make a suggestion, contact us here.



We are a team of student designers and videographers that creates a variety of print and digital materials for clients across the Division of Student Affairs.



We work with 17 clients across student affairs to create promotional and marketing materials.

Team Videos


Meet some of our past designers, and hear what they have to say about working in the studio.

Creative Positions


The MU Creative Studio hires every spring. For more information, contact Slavik.Boyechko@oregonstate.edu.