JavaStop (In the Memorial Union) serves Portland Roasting Coffee and Choice Teas, to order coffee or tea for your next meeting just fill out the form below. Thank you! 

24 hours notice required for online orders; if needed sooner, please call Java Stop at 541-737-0537. Allow 1 business day for Department Charge approval. You can download the form here.

Your Information
We need a few things to get your order started! Please fill in the fields below, be sure to indicate your payment, and allow 24 hours for department charge approvals. If you are ordering for a pick up before 9:00 AM please place your order 24 hours in advance. If you are needing immediate assistance please call us at 541-737-0537, we would be happy to answer any questions!
Department Charge Form: --- Please check with your business manager for specific guidelines related to your source of funding. Please allow 24 hours for department charge approvals.
Use this space to indicate what date and time you will need your coffee order ready by. You may pick up your coffee at JavaStop no earlier than the time listed below.
Coffee Order
Please indicate how many boxes of coffee or hot water you would like to order. One box of coffee or hot water serves 8-10 people. Each box costs $18 and includes cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks and Half & Half.
Use this space to add any notes or extra information you feel is pertinent, thank you.