Student Jobs @ the MU

Do you want to work at the Memorial Union? Apply for a position with one of our departments.

To apply for any MU position, go to and search: Memorial Union


MU Fun Team

Interested in event planning and promotion for the MU? Join our team!


Advisory Board + Chair

Serve the student body by ensuring student focus in the programs, policies and operation of the MU organization. Bring student perspective on major leadership decisions, strategic visioning and long-term objectives of the MU. Represent the MU by serving on various university committees.


Retail Foods

Work at one of our nine locations across campus:

  • Ava's Cafe
  • Bites
  • The Dam
  • Dixon Cafe
  • e.Cafe
  • Java Stop
  • Java II
  • North Porch Cafe
  • Trader Bings Cafe


Guest Services and Information Desks

Student employees are an integral part of the day-to-day success of events and operations at the MU. You would gain training and hands-on experience on our setup crews and have the opportunity to continue training in various other positions within guest services. Some of them include the Information Desk, SEC Welcome desk, event coordination, and A/V techs. Our staff executes event setups and perform basic A/V setup, technical support, and customer service.


Building Services

Assist clients and guests at the Help Desk, assist in project coordination, and work in custodial or maintenance for the MU and MU affiliated buildings on campus.



Assist clients and guests with bowling, billiards and events.


Employee Handbook

Read through the MU Student Staff Employee Handbook.


MU Scholarships & Awards

The MU Leadership Team reviews nominations and selects recipients for these awards:

Recipients receive a cash award of $1,000, a framed certificate, and their name is inscribed on a plaque that is permanently displayed in the MU.

Traditional Criteria

Integrity, high personal standards, dependability and reliability, scholarly attitude and consistent demonstration of sincerity, warmth and friendliness, kindness, and modesty are qualities and behaviors to be considered in choosing recipients of these awards.

The Michael J. Palmer Award

In remembrance of an exemplary student leader who lost his life one month after his graduation from OSU in 1978, is given for leadership and service in Student Governance. The award is given to a student of junior standing (or beyond) who has demonstrated loyalty to the principles of student governance.

The E.C. Allworth Leadership Award

In remembrance of the first director of the MU, is given for leadership and service on Memorial Union committees, programs, and projects. The award is given to a student who has demonstrated loyalty to the Union and its objectives.

The E.C. Allworth Cultural Awareness Leadership Award

Acknowledging the potential role of students as our society learns to face differences, is given to an outstanding student for exemplary leadership in the development of cultural awareness and elimination of cultural biases on the Oregon State University campus.


Incident Reporting

Report incidents such as an accident or mandatory reporting situation, or an incident of bias.