To order coffee for an event, please fill out the form below. We also have Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options available, as well as Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (3 for $1).

Allow 24 hours for Department Charge approval (see Department Charge form).

Please note that it is pick-up only for locations outside of the Kelley Engineering Center; we do not deliver to locations outside of the building.

Please check with your business manager for specific guidelines related to your source of funding. Please allow 24 hours for department charge approvals.
Use this space to indicate what date and time you will need your coffee order ready by. You may pick up your coffee at e.Cafe no earlier than the time listed below.
Coffee Order
Please indicate how many boxes of coffee or hot water you would like to order. One box of coffee or hot water serves 8-10 people. Each box costs 19.00 and includes cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks and half & half.
Pastry + Yogurt
Pastries and yogurt are available please call e.Cafe for pricing: 541-737-3223
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