Current Exhibit


Reflection of Magic: Recent Works By Don Johnson & James Schuup

Feb. 26 through May 3

Reception:  April 8
3:00 - 5:00 pm
Memorial Union, Rooms 104 & 105

Don Johnson

The soul of Johnson’s work is more craftsman than artist.  Sleek lines, segments, quadrants and shapes create an architectural feel.  Each stroke of pen or brush is a stand-alone piece in the fertile mind of Mr. Johnson.  And that is his magic.  He approaches his work as a detached observer finding more joy in the puzzle piece than in the completed collage.

Even when framed, Johnson rarely sees his work as finished.  In this sense he allows the viewer to take it anywhere they wish.  His use of open space, soft color palette and the occasional whimsy can provide the eye with a clue, a focal point or simply a cool thing to enjoy.

There is a unique and unusual craft to Johnson’s work.   That is what I appreciate.


Scoop Schupp

Scoop is a compassionate artist.  That is the source of his magic.  Through his viewfinder he sees the big picture.  He invites the observer to see what he sees and feel what he feels.  His works, brimming with color and detail, have life.

In a stand of old growth timber, Scoop finds a tiny caterpillar resting on a limb, yet every bit a key member of the forest.  In a garden, he finds a rain drop perched precariously on a flower petal.   In a crowd of faces, Scoop finds the wrinkle, the smile or the twinkle of an eye that tells a deeper story.

There is brightness and meaning to Scoop’s work.  That is what I enjoy.


Statement written by Stro Strohmeyer - Friend of the artists since 1973