The mission of the Memorial Union Gallery is to line up a diverse schedule of art exhibits, in a variety of genres that reflect the broad and diverse interests of the OSU and greater Corvallis community.

The art featured represents an artist’s work, vision, ideas, and opinions. Some exhibits are educational, some display quality craftsmanship or artistic ability, while others may depict artistic expressions that we hope enrich and deepen the appreciation and understanding of visual arts and the human condition.


The Memorial Union Gallery, located on the Mezzanine floor of the MU, is open during the building's hours.


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Dawn Lamar Figueroa|Shannon Finley|Courtney Marchesi | Caroline Moses | Diana Ryan|Pamela Pniak Thompson|Erin Wallace|Alisha B. Whitman

The Nest Artist Collective is comprised of 8 regional artists located at the Conifer Wellness Building in Downtown Corvallis.  Many are teaching artists in the community and all are mothers.

Dawn Lamar Figueroa received a B.A. in Visual Communications and Philosophy/Religion from Kean University in New Jersey. Her focus of study was illustration and she was trained in photo-realism. She has a strong attention to detail and considers the act of drawing a meditative practice. Most of her inspiration comes from nature and world cultures.

Shannon Finley botanical impressions that at times blur the lines between reality and abstraction. Painting is a way for her to simplify her inspirations and strip it down to their essence. 

Courtney Marchesi is a self-taught artist with an affinity for the sea.  Using acrylic paint, she brings her beloved subjects to life on reclaimed wood canvas.

Caroline Moses describes her work as painterly sculpture. Her main body of work aims to strengthen community connections and dialogue. 

Diana Ryan is a ceramic artist that also dabbles in mixed media paintings, macramé wall hangings and community art & mural projects. 

Pamela Pniak Thompson is a mixed media artist using paper and metal to create collage and jewelry.

Erin Wallace is an assemblage artist and jeweler. With a background in sculpture, Erin is drawn to all matter of materials, especially found and discarded objects.

Alisha B. Whitman is a watercolor and acrylic artist painting the landscapes she loves. With enthusiastic colors and bold, flowy lines she hopes to share the joy and peace she feels in nature and encourage others to appreciate the beauty around them.