Current Exhibit




June 21- July , 2018
Reception: 2-4pm, July 18, Memorial Union Room 109


Susan Kenyon lives quietly at Regency Park Place, where she has moved to after living independently to the age of 92.  Curator for this exhibit and local artist/educator Joel Weinstein was giving art lessons, and after a couple of weeks, Susan brought a box into class and set it down.  While she was drawing, he opened the box and began turning over one breathtaking watercolor after another. He was overwhelmed.

Of her work Joel states “Susan's brush is a seamless connection from her eye and mind.  She has a wondrous vision, and she puts down exactly what is necessary, and no more.  Look at the sandpipers by the water's edge.  Only one is clearly discernible.  The rest are the merest touches with the brush, yet you know exactly what they are.”  He continues “Or look at the view of the bay with the pilings sticking out of the water.  In the upper right is a fog-shrouded island, again, only suggested by some vague washes of greens.  If you've been in the northwest, you've seen that and you know exactly what it is, though there's nothing to put your hand on in the painting.  In this way, Susan's "realistic" paintings are as abstract as her more obviously abstract ones.”

We hope you enjoy Susan’s work which spans many decades and captures imagery from many regions of the world… she is a local treasure.