The mission of the Memorial Union Gallery is to line up a diverse schedule of art exhibits, in a variety of genres that reflect the broad and diverse interests of the OSU and greater Corvallis community.

The art featured represents an artist’s work, vision, ideas, and opinions. Some exhibits are educational, some display quality craftsmanship or artistic ability, while others may depict artistic expressions that we hope enrich and deepen the appreciation and understanding of visual arts and the human condition.


The Memorial Union Gallery, located on the Mezzanine floor of the MU, is open during the building's hours.


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Spirit Women: Adriene Cruz & Intisar Abioto

EXHIBIT EXTENDED: March 9, 2020 - AUGUST 29, 2020

“The spirit of this show came somewhat naturally. It’s a special honor to exhibit with Adriene Cruz. In talking with her about what this show might be named, she said “Spirit Women” as a possibility and that worked great for me. I have a great amount of images so it really was a simple question of where did the spirit of these words meet up with the spirit of me? The photographs here of are Black women I know, love, respect, admire, and have been supported and encouraged by in Portland/Oregon. These are close portraits as in they are close to me. These are women I hold dear not just in my artistic process but in a lived life that’s my own. Here, my mother, some of sisters, fellow artists, friends, and old- er and elder women I cherish. Some are women I don’t see every day of the week but feel a lasting form of support, care, and encouragement from, nevertheless. I’ve felt something special about being a Black woman in this environment, a form of care with a timbre all its own. What does it mean to me, to us, to be a woman, women, with spirit, with feeling, memory, with our own selves as the occassion. Not what does it look like but what does it feel like. And what does it feel like to be in these women’s company? The feel and wash, the wonder in these women, is its own marvelous language. Here, as always, there is a component of art that is of self reflection.” - Intisar Abioto