The Memorial Union has 15 indoor rooms, ranging from board and conference rooms to presentation spaces to large-scale reception venues, that are available to the OSU and greater off-campus community. For outdoor events, the Memorial Union Quad and Student Experience Center Plaza are available for student organizations and OSU Departments to host tabling activities or larger events.  


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Look At Our Spaces

Browse through our spaces, both indoor and outdoor; check out room, equipment and labor rates; read through our reservation policies; and download any necessary permits.

Make Your Reservation

Check our room availability and make your reservation.


Choose from our list of approved caterers and brush up on our food policies.


File a sound permit, and/or a special permit for alcohol, candle or drone usage.

Advertising Space

The Memorial Union offers advertising space for events sponsored by OSU Departments, student organizations and clubs.

Maps, Directions and Parking

Check out our Memorial Union floor plan, find us from off-campus, arrange your travel accommodations, and secure parking.