Memorial Union Reservation Policies


Updated November 8, 2023

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1.1. Student Fee Funded Departments will receive Group A Rates, which is equal to 100% discount of room rentals fees. Equipment rental, labor and other services with fees are additional. 

1.2. Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) will receive Group A Rates, which is equal to 100% discount of room rentals fees. Equipment rental, labor and other services with fees are additional. 

1.3. OSU Departments (Education and General funded), OSU Foundation and the OSU Alumni Association will receive Group B rates. Equipment rental, labor and other services with fees are additional.

1.4. Individual Students will receive Group A Rates for rental of specified space for study and practice rooms.


External Guests are permitted to reserve indoor meeting rooms and event spaces only.

2.1. OSU employees and individual student activities of a social nature and not directly connected to the operation of the University will pay full rates. Group C rates which are full rates with no discounts.

2.2. All Commercial, Regional and National Organizations and Agencies not sponsored by a Category 1a, b, or c users. Group C rates which are full rates with no discounts.




It is the intent of the following policies that whenever Memorial Union facilities are used by Category 1 groups for the purpose of generating income, for whatever purpose, a rental fee will be charged in addition to charges for all direct services provided to the event. Events scheduled by groups in both Categories 1 and 2 must be under the direct control of that group. The MU does not discount for co-sponsored events within Category 1 groups, (i.e. OSU Departments and Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) unless the RSO is a department student group funded with a department index.


Category 1 users may rent meeting rooms and large event spaces in the MU, MU Quad, Student Experience Center and Plaza.

Category 2 users may rent meeting rooms and large event spaces for a rental fee at the MU.

Public areas include lounges, hallways, and dining areas. Public areas are not available for rentals unless connected to a large event space or standard meeting room and used as overflow activities. Pre-approval from the MU Reservations Office is required for public space overflow use.


Category 1 and 2 users request for space must be made to the MU Reservations Office. Recognized Student Organizations are required to use the MU Online Reservations System. Access to the online system is allowed upon completion of the annual recognition process.

Departments are requested to use the MU Online Reservations System or accepted through email: [email protected]. The cost of the reservation is based on the event times start and finish. Event time is defined by the event program as advertised. Client access to the facility during non-open hours or event space earlier than time listed below for client setup may be billed on a half hour basis.

Scheduling of Event Spaces 

1. Pre-set standard meeting rooms may not be reserved for more than one year in advance of the requested event date. 

1.1. Included in the cost, client access to the rooms reserved 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes post event for setup and teardown.

2. Large event spaces or multiple meeting rooms (3 rooms or more) requiring setup may not be reserved more than one year in advance. Exceptions to this one-year scheduling rule may be granted by the MU Director.

2.1. Included in the cost, client access to the rooms reserved 60 minutes prior to and 30 minutes post event for setup and teardown.

3. Main Lounge may not be reserved more than one year in advance. The Main Lounge is a place for students to socialize, read and revitalize. Below are the criteria for events in the Memorial Union Main Lounge.

3.1.  Events may be scheduled after 3pm for Weeks 1 – 9 Fall, Winter and Spring Terms on Monday - Thursday.

3.2.  Amplified sound may be scheduled after 3pm Monday through Thursday and during all building hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Fall, Winter, and Spring academic terms.

3.3.  No events will be scheduled during Week 10 and Finals Week of Fall, Winter and Spring Terms. Exceptions to this policy are for Music a la Carte for student concerts related to an academic grade or as approved by the MU Director.

3.4.  The furniture in the Lounge will be arranged by MU personnel.

4. Term reservations for Recognized Student Organizations will begin on the 1st of the month prior to the start of each term.

4.1. Meetings are limited to three hours per week for the second floor, 104, and 105 meeting rooms.

4.2. Recognized Student Organizations may secure up to two reservations, per term, for large event spaces up to one year in advance. Additional dates can be added on the first day of the term based on availability. Limited to one reservation with a maximum of three hours per week.

5. Rehearsals, which are defined as a closed event and contiguous to the scheduled open event, may be requested on a waiting list status up to one year in advance. Requests on a waiting list status will be reviewed seven days in advance of the date requested. If the date is not reserved by another Category 1 user for an open event 7 days in advance, then the wait list status will be changed to confirmed. Technical rehearsals may be held as schedule allows.

6. Outdoor reservations will occur rain or shine. The request for additional space in the event of inclement weather will follow cancelation policies below.

7.  In the event of setup of tables and chairs, or moving of furniture, labor will be charged to the sponsoring group.

8. Study and Practice Rooms

8.1.  Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis and available to OSU students.

8.2.  Maximum reservation time is 3 hours. Students may check out a room for immediate use if rooms are available. Immediate use check-outs do not count against the daily limit for advanced reservations.

8.3.  Reservations are limited to one per person per day and may be made up to 3 days in advance online.

8.4.  If the guest for a reserved room does not check in at the Information Desk within 15 minutes of the reservation’s start time, the reservation will be canceled, and the room will be made available to guests for immediate use check-outs.

8.5.  Failure to leave a study room when requested by MU staff, regardless of reason, may result in loss of the privilege to use study rooms, a referral to the Student Conduct office, or a referral to campus Public Safety.

8.6.  Thesis presentations can request space by contacting [email protected].

9. Room rental fees include the setup and use of basic audio-visual equipment. Refer to room rental fees for details. 



1. OSU Departments must provide a billing index or foundation account at the time the reservation is made.

2. Recognized Student Organizations must provide payment seven working days in advance of the event. Forms of payment accepted are Purchase Authorizations, cash or credit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

3. External guests must provide a 50% deposit upon confirmation of the event. Full payment is required 30 days in advance of the event.


Cancelations are only accepted by the authorized representative listed on the reservation, department head, RSO officer or budget authority in writing by emailing [email protected]. Category 1.2 users (RSO) with a 100% discount on room rentals may be assessed a cancelation fee based on type of reservation. Category 1.1 (SFF Departments) users with a 100% discount on room rentals will be charged the Category 1.3 (OSU Departments) rates as follows.

1. For cancelations of pre-set standard meeting rooms more than seven working days in advance of the event date there will be no charge. 

2. Cancelations of large event space and/or multiple meetings rooms and multiple outdoor spaces are as follows:

2.1. 90 - 30 days in advance of the event date will be 50% of the room rental.

2.2 Less than 30 days in advance of the event date full price of the room rental will be charged in addition to any labor incurred. An event that does not arrive for their scheduled date shall be considered canceled.

3. Cancelations for a single outdoor space will be no charge 24 hours in advance.

4. Cancelations of rented equipment or furnishings will follow the vendors’ cancelation policy.

5. Cancelation of outdoors spaces for inclement weather will incur no charges over 72 hours in advance.


1. Event staff are required for events for event management, operating sound systems, lighting systems, streaming, and recording. The MU Reservations Office will determine event staffing needs. Labor fees are additional.

2. Security staff may be required for specific events, as determined by the MU.

3. Alcohol monitors are required for all events serving alcohol. Alcohol risk will be assessed by MU administration and the number of required alcohol monitors will be determined.

MU Facilities and Use Policies


The purpose of the Memorial Union Facilities (MU) is to serve the needs of Oregon State University students, faculty, and staff, visitors and guests.

The use of space and seating, including the use of meeting rooms, game rooms, lounges, dining facilities, restrooms, tables, chairs, sofas, computers, printers, and the like, within the MU facilities shall be confined to the purpose(s) for which the space and property are designed and equipped.

The MU Facilities include the MU, MU Quad, Brick Mall, Student Experience Center and Plaza.

All individuals who use the MU facilities are expected to know and adhere to applicable established Facilities policies, OSU Policies and Procedures, Student Conduct Code, as well as federal, state, and local law at all times.

The MU does not tolerate behaviors by any person, which keeps others from using and enjoying its resources. In an effort to ensure a pleasant, productive, and reasonable environment for all, patrons of the MU facilities shall observe the following rules, including but not limited to:

1. Alcohol – The serving and consumption of alcohol at the MU is only permitted at designated events where the Office of Risk Services have approved an alcohol permit.  Alcohol beverages are not to be removed from the designated event area.

2. Animals – Animals are not permitted in the MU facilities at any time except for service animals. Refer to the Campus Facilities and Ground Manual 007-07: Animals on Campus Policy.

3. Bicycles & Other Wheeled Recreational Devices – Parking, riding, or walking of bicycles; use of skates, skateboards or scooters and other devices not approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act are not permitted inside or locked to the MU Facilities.

4. Blocking Pathways – At no time may doors, fire exits, elevators, hallways, or foot traffic be blocked by individuals, an event or event setup. All event setups must observe fire code and comply with Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as amended by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, and other applicable federal and state regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. Use of service hallways by event organizers and attendees is prohibited due to fire code

5. Classes – The MU is not available for regular academic classroom activities except by permission of the MU Director. Exceptions to this policy are the Physical Education classes for Bowling and Billiards.

6. Candles, incense, other devices with open flames are not permitted indoors or on covered balconies without prior approval from Corvallis Fire Department.

7. Decorations – Decoration plans for events require approval from the MU Reservations Office. No paint, glitter, glue, candles, straw, hay, confetti, bubbles, dry ice, or wall adhesives can be used in the spaces without prior planning and approval. Decorations cannot be affixed to walls, curtains, ceilings, sprinklers, fixtures, entrances or emergency exits.

8. Equipment Rental – Equipment rentals for meetings and events are charged as a separate fee from the room fee. Equipment charges are based per reservation unless otherwise approved as a package for conferences and large multi-day events. Repair or replacement fee will be charged for lost equipment and equipment returned damaged or broken. A labor fee will be charged for equipment requiring MU operators.

9. Facility Access – MU employees and facility tenants are permitted after-hours access to office suites for business purposes only. Access for events outside of business hours less than 14 days will be considered based on available resources. A facility access fee will apply for non-building hours. Individuals other than employees, students, faculty and staff with prior permission, are prohibited from being in MU facilities prior to its opening or remaining in MU facilities after closing. When requested to leave, including for emergencies and drills, individuals will do so immediately.

10. Food Service for Events - Food service must follow University and Benton County regulations for food service. Refer to the MU web page for licensed caterers and catering matrix.

10.1. No food and/or beverages may be brought into the MU Facilities for open events or meetings with the exception of food for personal consumption.

10.2. Potlucks are not allowed in meeting rooms, event spaces or public areas.

10.3. Closed meetings may have certain types of food and/or beverages for consumption by associates attending closed meetings. A list of acceptable products are available from the MU Events staff.

11. Food for Resale: Student and Departmental groups using the MU Quad or SEC Plaza for promotional distribution or resale of food or beverage items must comply with all pre-existing contracts for food or beverages that apply to the MU.

11.1.1. Student Groups Selling Food Items: Student organizations may act as direct sales agents for food products for all such events. Recognized Student Organizations may utilize the Global Community Kitchen for preparation of food for resale, or a more limited menu of resale food items may be prepared in the student’s private kitchens (home or apartment). When preparing food in an unlicensed, private kitchen the menu may only consist of individually wrapped baked goods (rolls, pies, cakes, breads, cookies and other pastries). All other consumable items being sold must be pre-packed and commercially prepared. 

11.1.2. Raw food products (garden produce, for example) that require preparation after sale are exempt from these regulations. 

11.2. Student Groups Using Third-party sellers: Off-campus retail food vendors, who are not under contract to the Memorial Union, are not allowed to operate inside of the Memorial Union building at any time. Use of the MU Quad, Brick Mall, and/or SEC Plaza by groups sponsoring events that involve off-campus food vendors for fundraising purposes, support of a major University event and/or an all-University event will be limited to one such activity a day in the MU Quad and one such activity a day in the SEC Plaza. 

11.3 Student Groups Giving Food Away 

11.3.1. Groups registering food activities may give away food/beverages that are commercially pre-packaged, prepared in the Global Community Kitchen or supplied to the group by an approved caterer. At no time may student groups give away food that is prepared in unlicensed, private kitchens.

12. Insurance and Permits – OSU Departments may require additional insurance and permits for some activities. The MU staff will work with OSU Risk Services to determine the correct insurance required.

12.1. Alcohol served at events requires a permit from OSU Risk Services.

12.2. Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is available based on risk assessment for large events. 

12.3. External guests are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) 30 days in advance of the event. 

A properly completed Certificate of Insurance must be obtained before services may be provided or others are permitted to use OSU facilities. 

The Certificate of Insurance must have the following: 

12.3.1.  The named insured must match the name in the contract. 

12.3.2.  The appropriate coverage and limits must be shown. 

12.3.3.  The Certificate Holder section should show the OSU contact name and address. 

12.3.4.  The Description of Operations should refer to the specific duty, service or event. 

12.3.5.  A policy endorsement or policy language must come from the insurer affording additional insured status, as follows: Oregon State University, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents as additional insured.

13. Lost and Found – Please refer to the OSU Central Lost & Found Policy.

13.1. Personal and Unattended Property – The MU is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property belonging to users of the facility. Patrons are prohibited from leaving unattended any bags, backpacks or other personal items in the MU facilities (including for reserving seating). Unattended bags, packages and personal items present security risks. Unattended items are subject to confiscation and will be held according to the policy. 

13.2. Marketing – Ad Spaces are available at no charge to category 1 users. Ad Spaces are available for reservation by Category 1. Users. (Refer to Policy 1.p 1.) Reservations may be made no more than one year in advance. Any content displayed in a language other than English shall also contain an English language translation to ensure communication with the overall University community. 

13.3. Postings – The MU provides general bulletin boards for OSU related events and programs. Approval is required through the MU Information Desk to post on general posting bulletin boards. Within reserved meeting/event spaces, clients are permitted to temporarily use approved tape to affix items to walls. The events office will provide the tape. Nails, screws, tacks and staples, and client provided tape are not permitted on any building surfaces. MU facilities tenant offices must follow the Office Space Policy.

14. Photography & Filming – Candid, snapshot photography and filming for personal use is allowed as long as it does not disrupt other MU patrons or interfere with the course of normal building operations. Organized, posed group, or individual photography or videography involving professional equipment is permitted. Event organizers wishing to photograph or film inside their reserved space and for their own personal use is permitted without approval. Photography is not allowed in restrooms. In order to use images, video, or voice recordings for marketing or promotional purposes, you must obtain an OSU Model Release Form from the subject.

15. Piano – The MU Main Lounge piano is provided for use by the OSU community and enjoyment of all. Players must follow the Piano Guidelines for Use found on the piano or available at the MU Info Desk. The MU staff may close and lock the piano at any time if it interferes with other events in the building, during Dead Week and Finals Week. Practice Rooms with pianos are available based on the event schedule of the Ballroom.

16. Political Activities – There is no prohibition against active participation by Department employees in various community and public affairs, it is expected that time given to such activities shall not interfere with the duties of the employees concerned. No employee shall take action that might be construed as committing the institution or the Board to a position on public issues.

17. Restroom Use – Restroom use may not create a safety or health hazard for other users. No person shall use the MU facilities restrooms for the purposes of bathing, showering, cutting hair, or for more than casual grooming. Restrooms are not to be used for washing personal belongings.

18. Solicitation – No active solicitation of money for philanthropy, fundraising or private businesses is permitted in the interior public areas of the MU Facilities.

19. Smoking on University Property: Smoking is prohibited on campus.

20. Sound & Excessive Noise

20.1. Indoors: The MU reserves the right to require amplified sound to be turned down or off entirely if it is determined by the MU staff that the sound level is creating a disruption to services, students, or other events. Individuals and/or groups may be asked by MU staff to lower their voices if the noise level presents a significant disruption to services, students, or events.

20.2. Outdoors:  Outdoor amplified sound is permitted during two periods of time, the weekend and primary academic periods. Weekend outdoor amplified sound is defined as Friday’s from 4 pm- 11 pm, Saturday from 8 am-11 pm. and Sunday from 8 am-10 pm. Maximum sound decibel output during this period is 110 decibel. Primary Academic period is defined as Monday thru Thursday from 8 am-10 pm and Friday’s from 8 am-4 pm. During this period, each registered event has a maximum duration of amplified sound use of 2 hours. The maximum sound decibel level during the primary academic period is 50 decibels, which will be measured at the base of the nearest academic building, or any building in the vicinity of the event venue.

21. Freedom of Speech – Oregon State University fosters an inclusive environment where everyone is provided an equal opportunity to succeed, learn, explore and engage in dialogue. Freedom of expression is essential to the university’s commitment to ensure inclusive educational opportunities. At Oregon State, differences and dissenting viewpoints are not only tolerated but encouraged as part of the educational process. As a community, we recognize that from time to time, freedom of expression is a right that may raise strong emotional responses when put into practice.

21.1. Time, Place and Manner for Free Speech Activities:  This policy describes the purpose and scope of free speech, use of the MU Quad, Brick Mall, SEC Plaza, and all public spaces. This policy covers solicitation, leafleting and campus signage. See link for full policy.

21.2. Interference with Services and Uses – Within MU Facilities, patrons are prohibited from engaging in physically threatening or violent behaviors, and behaviors that disrupt our staff’s ability to provide services or interfere with another patron’s ability to receive services or use the facilities consistent with its purpose. Doing any of the aforementioned may result in loss of future access to the MU facilities.

22. Unmanned Aircraft Systems – The recreational use of unmanned aircraft systems including drones over the MU Quad, Brick Mall and SEC Plaza are prohibited during events. Any commercial UAS operations that occurs at or above OSU controlled property, regardless of the affiliation of the operator, must obtain approval from the OSU Research Office before operating the UAS.



The general goal of MU staff is to maintain a useful and positive environment for the growth of all users. Enforcement of these rules is as follows:

1. Any OSU community member who violates these MU policies may be disciplined in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures and may also be subject to criminal sanctions and penalties. Persons who are not members of the OSU community and who violate these policies may be subject to criminal sanctions and penalties and exclusion from campus.

2. Failure by MU clients to adhere to any of the policies may result in additional fees to the individual, department or group and could include the loss of access to the MU. Separate restrictions and violations may be stipulated in specific contracts for vendor spaces and permanent building tenants.

In the case where an individual is directed to leave the MU due to severe violation of any MU or OSU policies, the act of removing a visitor will be done by OSU Police or Public Safety officers and in accordance with OSU trespass warning protocols.

Policies Approved by the Memorial Union Advisory Board October 13, 2022